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Relationship Growth Training

Relationship Growth Training

Simpedia’s 3-part system is NOT just internet marketing… its RELATIONSHIP MARKETING…We understand that in your industry its all about PEOPLE and building the relationships. 

Relationship Growth Training is a unique program to  Simpedia.  This is where we tie it all in. A Dedicated Simpedia Coach will evaluate your needs and help to set-up a marketing-focused CRM and train you and your staff on best practices for lead nurturing.

Because your Marketers are on the road 90% of the time, they need a mobile app that allows them to document their meetings and phone calls outside of the office.  With a good CRM mobile app, once a client is entered into the system, or your marketer documents an interaction with them,  your automated lead nurturing system ensures that a follow up call, text, visit or email is never again missed or forgotten.